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Goleszow gmina is situated in the southern part of Poland in the landscape-driven charming Cieszyn Foothills, being a foreground of Silesian Beskids. Administratively it belongs to Silesian Voivodeship and Cieszyn County reaching its South-West area. It is a rural gmina that contains settlements of: Goleszow – the seat of gmina, Bazanowice, Cisownica, Dziegielow, Godziszow, Kisielow, Kozakowice, Upper Leszna and Puncow. The gmina's area is about 66 square kilometres, and its population is as many as 12000. That's why population density is big here and is about 180 people / square kilometre, that means it's much more than average in Poland.

Goleszow gmina borders from South with Czech Republic, from East with Ustron town, from North with Skoczow and Debowiec gminas and from North-West with Cieszyn town. Its border with Czech Republic is 19km long.

Goleszow 's location at the busy road between Cieszyn and Ustron and the presence of the border crossing point at gmina 's area in Upper Leszna and a nearby border crossing point in Cieszyn is the cause that many tourists are passing through it. Most often they go to Cieszyn, Ustron and Wisla towns or to Czech Republic and Slovakia, passing over many interesting places located in our gmina.

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